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woman with his service dog


Lorelei and Wilcox

February 01, 2024

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Lorelei came to us smiling, hopeful, but also nervous and concerned that she might not be able to do all that is required during Team Training. However, she amazed herself and her husband with what she accomplished during the three weeks. She and Wilcox bonded quickly and she was overheard to say to him ‘you know, dog slobber and all – I love you.’  After just a bit of training she ‘found her voice,’ learning how to use the commands needed for Wilcox to assist her.  She had never ridden a train before-and although the Philly trip was exhausting, it was also exhilarating as she realized the things that she COULD do once again with Wilcox by her side.  Following Team Training, Lorelei and Wilcox headed home with the goal to visit Myrtle Beach in October, begin taking hikes, go shopping, live life and enjoy their family.